How to place an order?

Fill in the web-form: select the required cable on our website smkab-russia.com, add it to cart, go to cart and follow the instructions.

Email your inquiry to us at info@smkab.ru.

Call the sales department at 8 800 100 80 74, 8 (495) 721 85 03.

What are the timelines for delivery of cables and wires?

Cables are usually manufactured within 25 business days from the date of execution of the order (payment for the order).

The timelines may vary depending on cable type, complexity of manufacture and ordered amount.

Delivery terms depend on the chosen carrier and shipping distance.

Are SCC products certified?

All products of Smolensk Cable Company have been certified.

Certificates of compliance confirm the manufacturer of the product and prevent you from purchasing substandard products.

Where cable is purchased from one of our partners, the required information can be obtained directly from such partner.

All products are properly packaged and laid up, with adjacent lays twisted in opposite directions; the outer lay has a right-hand twist.


Warranty periods for cable and wire products marketed by our Company are set forth below:

The warranty period for the control cable is 3 years from the date of putting the cables in operation.

The warranty period for the power cable is 5 years from the date of putting the cables in operation.


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