Mission and Values

Our Company strives to become the most efficient global cable company in the whole of Russia. We want to be proud of our achievements and strive to create a company where each employee is valued and encouraged to grow and develop professionally.

Creating unique work environment means a lot for us and we want to make our children proud of us.

We need our customers to trust us and therefore when we say that in our work we rely on common human values, this is not a mere rhetoric. Every employee remembers them at all times. These values include:

Our values are the basis of our work.

The Company has always remained committed to its values. They reflect our business principles: our professional ethics in relations with business partners, investors, employees and the society.

Focus on the future and drive for results
Responsibility and sustainable development
Initiative and decisiveness
Openness and trust


Our mission explains what drives us, what unites us and what we believe in. Along with our unique team we want to leave a significant mark in history.

Principles of Corporate Success

Integrity. Mutual honesty and integrity in relations with partners and colleagues are a key prerequisite for corporate success;

Respect. This principle is applied universally: we respect personal rights and interests of the Company’s employees, take into account our customers’ requirements, accept the conditions of interaction set by our business partners and the society;

Responsibility and efficiency. Our employees take responsibility for all their work; we are always ready to go extra mile to offer necessary assistance to our customers, suppliers and partners;

Teamwork. Faith in the team and mutual support within the team are very important for us. We work to help each other, our customers, suppliers and partners;

Initiative. Employees of Smolensk Cable Company are aware of their responsibility for their work and, therefore, we work on our own initiative and consistently achieve our goals;

Reliability, trust and lawfulness. We never promise what we cannot deliver. Our promises mean serious commitment for us! We observe the requirements of the Law in all our business operations.


11, 3rd Samotechniy Lane, Moscow 127473
15A, Smolyaninova Str., Smolensk 214036
E-mail: info@smkab-russia.com
+7 (495) 721-85-03