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Information for Suppliers

We purchase

Copper and aluminium

8 mm copper rods
9.5 mm aluminium rods

PVC compounds and chemicals

PVC Compound I 40 13А
PVC Compound OM 40
PVC Compound NGP 30-32
PVC Filler ВЗ
PVC Compound PPO 30-35
PVC Compound PPI 15-32 NT BP (LTX)
Thermoelastoplast АС-65 N (12) К
HFK-44-internal filler
VHF-38 coating
VHF-40 insulation
Ambicat 4472 catalyst
PE Visico 4423


Cable drums, new and used
FR Tape (Elmicatex) 183*20
FR Tape (Elmicatex) 183*30
FR Tape (Elmicatex) 183*40
FR Tape (Elmicatex) 183*50
Galvanized tape 0.3*25
Galvanized tape 0.3*30
Galvanized tape 0.3*35
Galvanized tape 0.3*40
Galvanized tape 0.3*45
Talcum powder

Goods and services not related to manufacturing

Office supplies
Marketing agencies and analytical centres

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E-mail: info@smkab-russia.com
+7 (495) 721-85-03